Carling V Series Switch Body Single Pole (ON) OFF One Independent Top Red LED

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Carling V Series Rocker Switch. Carling Technologies CarlingSwitch. Accepts Carling Contura Rocker Switch Tops (also known as Actuators) which are sold seperately. Switches work with 12V or 24V systems and are rated up to 15A @ 24V and Max 20A @ 12V. Descriptions with (ON) mean that the switch has a momentary function in that it is ON while it is pressed but then springs back to the centre position when released. So (ON) OFF (ON) will remain normally in the centre position OFF but can be pressed up or down for two seperate switch functions. Switches with lights have either a Red or Blue light top or bottom (or Both) that can be wired independantly of the switch. This means you can wire them to turn on with a chosen function of the switch or for some other independant non switch function.